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Homage4 GT Vario 54cm Pearl White - NEW

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The Homage4 is the thoroughbred all-rounder for everyday riding. Its striking frame design with a low step-through full suspension (Control Technology) ensures comfortable handling in any situation. The bike’s powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor and fully integrated 625 Wh battery get you safely to your destination. 

Included Options:

  • Bosch Performance Line CX (smart system) 85Nm motor
  • Bosch Kiox 300 display (Smart System)
  • Bosch 625 Wh PowerTube Battery
  • Enviolo 380 (Vario) hub gears
  • Lowerable saddle X-Fusion Manic 70*
  • Gates carbon drive belt
  • Magura MT4 and MT5 Disc Brakes
  • Bosch eBike ABS 2.0
  • Supernova M99 Mini Pro-45 front light
  • Supernova M99 tail light with integrated brake light
  • Suntour front and rear suspension
  • Rear carrier with MIK system
  • ABUS Bordo X+ 6000/90cm lock
  • Selle Royal New Lookin gel saddle
  • Adjustable stem for handle bar
  • Comfort Kit - Curved hanldebars and wider saddle

Product Features

Control Technology

Elevate Your Riding Experience.

Discover the pinnacle of riding pleasure with Riese & Müller's Control Technology. Engineered for maximum safety and dynamism, this advanced system guarantees an exhilarating journey every time. Experience the seamless harmony of the perfectly tuned full suspension rear swing arm, delivering unparalleled sportiness and superior traction, even at top speeds. At the heart of Control Technology lies an active rear swing arm, complemented by optimized front wheel suspension and a co-sprung luggage carrier. Together, they ensure powerful propulsion and a sporty ride, all while minimizing energy loss. Welcome to a new level of riding enjoyment.

Feature Image

Integrated Design Concept

Seamlessly Unified

The frame design of the Homage leaves an indelible impression at first glance - and with every subsequent viewing. Alongside complete battery integration, the head and down tube meld seamlessly into a singular entity. You'll search in vain for welding seams - each frame receives meticulous finishing touches. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor with 85 Nm and the compact carrier with MIK system seamlessly merge into the frame design, leading observers to assume: the Homage must be forged as one piece. Moreover, the minimalist cockpit is fully integrated, offering a consistently clean and sophisticated view at all times.

Feature Image

Enhanced Safety Features.

Stay safe on the road at all times with the Homage's impressive array of safety features. Whether you need to brake suddenly or navigate tricky terrain, the optional Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 ensures you remain in control by preventing tire slippage, rear wheel lifting, and skidding. Even without this feature, the standard Magura disc brakes provide reliable stopping power when you need it most. Plus, the powerful Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlight ensures you're always visible in traffic and illuminates the road evenly in the dark. With its wide angle main beam, you'll have excellent visibility even in rural areas..

Feature Image

Enjoyable Riding Experience

From urban streets to rural roads, enjoy every moment.

Whether you're riding, charging the batteries, or securing it in the city, this full-suspension low-step-through bike ensures maximum comfort at all times. The charging socket is conveniently positioned ergonomically, allowing for easy charging directly on the bike. Additionally, the specially designed closing cap adds to the convenience. The lock is also ergonomically placed on the carrier, enabling swift locking and unlocking. For those seeking even more comfort, consider the optional comfort kit with curved handlebars and a wide saddle, or a saddle that can be lowered using a remote control.

Feature Image

Battery Integration with DualBattery

Unleash the power within.

Whether you choose the standard setup with one battery (625 Wh) or the DualBattery option (1,250 Wh) for extended range and fewer charging stops, our complete battery integration sets a new standard for functionality. With strategically positioned batteries that minimally impact balance, the bike's sporty riding dynamics remain paramount. Plus, you can effortlessly remove the two batteries whenever needed.

Feature Image


DualBattery 1250
DualBattery 1250
Enhanced DualBattery Technology, developed by Riese & Müller, guarantees double the range or greater climbing capabilities, fewer charging stops, and extended riding enjoyment. With the introduction of the 1,250 Wh option, entirely new destinations become accessible, alleviating concerns about range limitations in your daily travels.
Kiox 300 cockpit
Kiox 300 cockpit
The Kiox 300 display seamlessly integrates into the cockpit, enhancing aesthetics with internal cabling for a clean, minimalist look. The adjustable stem angle offers versatility, allowing riders to choose between a sporty or upright seating position. Designed with sporty riders in mind, the Kiox 300 display provides more than just fitness data, aiding in training optimization. Additionally, it can be paired with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth for comprehensive performance tracking. Map-free navigation, available when paired with a smartphone, adds further functionality to the Kiox 300. Intuitive operation is facilitated by the LED Remote on the handlebars.
Kiox 500 cockpit
Kiox 500 cockpit
The Kiox 500 display seamlessly integrates into the cockpit, enhancing aesthetics with internal cabling for a clean, minimalist appearance. Offering versatility, the adjustable stem angle allows riders to switch between a sportier or more upright seating position. With its large display and readability in challenging conditions, the Kiox 500 display is sure to impress. Designed for sportier rides, it tracks fitness data and can be paired with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. When paired with a smartphone, map-free navigation adds further functionality to the Kiox 500. Intuitive operation is facilitated by the LED Remote on the handlebar.DualBattery Technology perfected by Riese & Müller ensures twice the range or far higher climbs, fewer charging breaks and longer-lasting riding pleasure. With the 1,250 Wh now available, completely new destinations can be reached and you no longer have to worry about the range in your daily routine.
Comfort kit
Comfort kit
The perfect option for anyone wanting to ride in greater comfort: the classically curved handlebars and wider saddle enable you to sit comfortably in an upright position.
GX option
GX option
If off-road cycling is your passion, enhance your E-Bike with premium Schwalbe all-terrain tires. Engineered with flat tire studs along the center of the tread, they offer minimal rolling resistance, enabling faster speeds on straight paths. Meanwhile, the sturdy tire studs on the tire's shoulders ensure exceptional grip, especially during cornering maneuvers.
Lowerable saddle
Lowerable saddle
With the lowered saddle, you can easily come to a comfortable stop without needing to dismount. Controlled remotely, the saddle adjusts, allowing your feet to reach the ground effortlessly.
Front carrier
Front carrier
Stay active while having all your essentials at hand. The front carrier allows you to safely secure up to 5 kg of luggage directly to the frame, ensuring it's protected from impacts and vibrations. With bungee cords, items like a sleeping bag, sports bag, or provisions can be quickly and securely fastened in place. You'll soon find the front luggage carrier to be an invaluable asset for your adventures.
Front carrier with bag
Front carrier with bag
Stay mobile while carrying all your essentials. Secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front carrier, attached to the frame and benefiting from the bike's full suspension, ensuring your cargo is well-protected from bumps and jolts. The bag provides ample space with a volume of up to 18 liters. With its zipper and roll closure, your belongings remain shielded from dirt and rain. Easily removable, the bag transforms into a shoulder bag using the supplied strap. Additionally, two outer pockets with waterproof zippers offer secure storage for smaller items.
The standard headlight is mounted on the handlebar, illuminating your path as you steer. Optionally, the headlight can be mounted on the front luggage carrier, ensuring excellent visibility ahead with its powerful beam.


The Homage4 GT vario in detail

Frame colour deepsea blue metallic*; pearl white*
Suspension fork SR Suntour Mobie 34, Air, tapered, 100mm; SR Suntour Mobie 34 ABS, Air, tapered, 100mm*
Rear shock Suntour RS-19 190x40
Headset Acros Integration X, block lock
Seatpost JD-SP66, Alu, 34,9 x 400mm; Dropper Post X-Fusion Manic 70*
Tires Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex; Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584*
Tubes Schwalbe AV21
Rims Rodi Tryp35 27,5"
Spokes Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, Inox, black ( 16x ); Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, Inox, black ( 36x )
Front hub Novatec Disc 32H
Rear hub Enviolo 380, 36H
Battery Akku Bosch PowerTube 625 Horizontal; Akku Bosch PowerTube 625 Horizontal ( 2x )*
Motor Bosch Performance Line CX (smart system)
Display Bosch Purion 200; Bosch Kiox 300*; Bosch Kiox 500*
Crankset Riese & Müller, 170mm
Chain ring 55T, for Gates drive belt CDX
Chain guard Belt guard
Chain Gates drive belt CDX
Pinion 24T, for Gates drive belt CDX
Saddle Selle Royal New Lookin Male Eco; Selle Royal New Lookin Female Eco*
Pedals VP R&M Custom
Shifter Enviolo grip shift Twist Display Pure, continuous
Handlebar Satori R&M Custom, 25,4mm, Alu; Satori R&M Custom Komfort, 25,4 mm, Alu*
Stem Satori R&M Custom, cable integration, adjustable angle, Alu
Grips Ergon ergonomic
Brakes Magura MT4, disc brake; Magura MT5, disc brake; Magura MT C ABS*
Front light Supernova M99 Mini Pro-25
Tail light Supernova M99, integrated brake light
Mudguards SKS A69R
Luggage rack integrated, MIK*
Rubber Bibia
Bell Billy
Kickstand Pletscher Comp 40 Flex Evo
Lock Abus Bordo X+ 6000/90cm black
Pump Beto air suspension fork pump
RX Hardware RX Chip (für RX Services)*
Frame size [cm] 49 cm*; 54 cm*; 58 cm*