Homage4 GT

Experience the future of cycling with the Homage4 GT. This innovative eBike is more than just a ride - it’s a statement. The Homage4 GT's distinctive design, featuring a continuous strut from the down tube with a fully integrated battery, culminates in a versatile carrier, setting it apart from the crowd. The Riese & Müller Control Technology with full suspension and a low step-through design ensures a ride that is as comfortable as it is safe. For those who crave adventure, the DualBattery option provides an impressive range of up to 150 kilometres, making the Homage4 GT perfect for those longer journeys or challenging terrains. Experience the freedom of riding on a cloud with the Homage4 GT eBike. Your journey awaits.

Homage4 GT Options

  • Choose from the top of the line Shimano XT 11-speed derailleur gearing system, the Enviolo Vario continually variable hub gearbox with Gates Carbon belt or the outstanding Rohloff E-14 speedhub with carbon belt.
  • Upgrade to Bosch ABS 2.0 braking system.
  • High Speed (HS) 28mph version available.
  • Dual battery upgrade for longer range and less frequent charging.
  • Add an adjustable dropper post stem for easy mounting and dismounting.
Homage GT Rohloff HS / Deepsea Metallic Blue / 54 cm

Homage4 GT Rohloff HS / Deepsea Metallic Blue / 54 cm