e-Bikes for Business

e-Bikes for Business

e-Bike Barn and your business

We will work closely with you and your business in accordance with your commitment to making a positive environmental and social difference in the places you operate. From implementing e-Cargo bikes for your last mile logistics to e-Bikes for your staff and guests, we will act in accordance with your mission and values to actively demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Our approach

Once we have received your request for a consultation we will find a date and time that best suits you to either visit you or put on a demonstration day at our Henley Showroom.

During our initial consultation, we will explore e-Bike options with you and get an understanding of how your business operates and how our e-Bikes can benefit you. Our team will then create a custom package including the most suitable models for your business and any maintenance and courtesy packages that you may require. 

Why us?

We only offer the very best in e-Bikes, designed and built with the highest quality in mind, are safe, reliable and low maintenance.

Our e-Bikes are perfect to the last detail with groundbreaking technology and pioneering design. Every model we offer represents a complete solution for a specific purpose, custom made to order.

All the e-Bike brands we offer recognise the impact we make on society, the economy and our environment. They are driven by the desire to act responsibly and have ethical and sustainable policies with a transparent supply chain.

We truly believe that by engaging ebikes into our everyday lives we can transform our environments to healthier and more liveable spaces whilst improving our physical and mental well-being. Everyone at e-Bike Barn is focused on building a great team of passionate individuals with the desire to deliver great service and to making a difference.

Our support

We know how important it is to have the right support and we will create the best package for you and your business needs. Our dedicated account manager will ensure the highest standards are maintained to ensure you receive the best support.

Full Maintenance Package

Take away the worry of maintaining your fleet with this package and let e-Bike Barn have your back.

This package includes:

  • Annual Servicing 
  • Insurance Set Up and Support
  • Emergency Call Outs

Courtesy Bike Package

Never want to let your employees or customers down? Add our courtesy bike package to ensure you always have bikes available.

This package includes:

  • Courtesy Bikes
  • Additional Rental Bikes

Cycle2Work Scheme Image1

Cycle2Work Scheme

e-Bike Barn are partnered with two Cycle to Work Schemes, Green Commute and Cycle Scheme. These schemes are pre tax and can save your business 13.8% in National Insurance Contributions and your employees up to 47% of the value of the bike. 

Leasing Image


e-Bike leasing is similar to the cycle to work schemes without the large upfront costs. Leases starts from £127.90 per month and range from one to four years. 

Purchase Image


If you would rather purchase instead of use one of our financing schemes, you can chose from a range of ride away today bikes or have your fleet custom built to your specification.

If you would like to book a consultation please contact us on 01491 628 711 or follow the link to fill in a request form.