Discovering Bosch - The Smart System

Is it smart or just an attempt to be? 

The first fully inter-connected system that combines components with the best and most up-to-date technology in an e-bike.

Here we'll run through the system, what's new, what's good and maybe not so good.



A brand new grip that you can attach to your handlebar, giving you a display through the eBike Flow App, plus wireless charging as well! Finally, you can wirelessly charge your phone, and if your phone isn’t supported you can charge from a cable instead. 

Your phone can also act as a lock for your e-bike systems, adding additional theft protection.

You can also control the display through the LED Remote, allowing you to fully focus on the road ahead. What’s also great is you can switch between the SmartphoneGrip and the Kiox 300, which is not only quick but easy as well. 

Finally, not being able to find a comfortable display positioning won’t be an issue with a variety of different options on where it can be mounted making it massively adaptive.


Flow App


The app that shows you all the information you would need. Battery status, remaining range, distance travelled, when your next service is due and when an update is available to download for your components.

An app that now allows you to keep up to date with the newest software all done through the app over-the-air, meaning no need to come into store to get your e-bike updated. Simply download the new update by connecting to your e-bike via Bluetooth. Boom!!! You now have access to the most up-to-date features and options.

Through the app you can track your activity just like you can on your smartphone, but not only that, you can then sync it all automatically to your devices, so you can look back and realise how awesome some of your rides have been!

Finally, you can customise each of the different riding modes to suit you and your riding style, whether that be more support or consuming less power.


 Kiox 300

The Kiox gets an upgrade – small but packing a punch thanks to a clear coloured display making it perfect day and night. Protection against water and dust, this display is operated by the LED remote (which we will talk about later)

The Kiox 300 keeps you updated with your expected range, ride miles and a load of other features that we can only expect from Bosch nowadays.

The new Walk Assist feature is perfect for those who live on a particularly steep climb, as it can be activated remotely via the LED remote making it much easier to go up those steep hills.

Custom to you – you can alter the positioning of the display to suit you for optimum readability during a ride.

If you find the display distracting, you can always have the display turned off and only use the LED remote.


LED Remote

At first when I saw the LED remote, I thought that it was completely clogging up the handlebars, however in person the remote is much smaller than it looks. The positioning of the remote can be altered to suit you, plus its ergonomic design means that you will feel comfortable whenever you use it.

Like the Kiox 300 display, the LED remote is super bright and very intuitive. When selecting a different support mode, the colour on the display will change, whilst 5 LED bars show the battery charge in 10% increments where a green bar means 20% and a white bar means 10%.

Press the minus button on the LED Remote move the e-bike and you'll be in Walk Assist mode.


PowerTube 750

The biggest and best yet! The Bosch PowerTube 750 boasts 20% greater range than the PowerPack 625.

You may think almost 4.4kg is a lot of battery and could affect the handling and ride quality. However, Bosch have redesigned the construction making the centre of gravity lower, so that ride quality is still superb.

When it comes to safety – this is made to the highest safety standards including the Battery Management System (BMS) which protects the battery cells from overloading, so that you can enjoy long rides for longer.

It may look big and bulky; however, the sleek design not only makes it look great, but also means that it can be removed via a clever locking mechanism that is also very securely fastened within the frame.


Performance Line CX Drive Unit

85 Nm of torque providing you with plenty of power whether that be for fast accelerations round tight turns or up steep mountain paths. Every terrain can be beaten because of 340% pedal assistance!

The eMTB mode allows you to switch between modes less as it has an extended boost so that when going through tougher terrains you can get through and keep going.

Sporty start-up characteristics mean that you can get on and go with no difficulties!


What's so smart about the Smart System?

  • New walk-assist system is far more intuitive
  • LED Remote can be moved left and right – helpful when you have other systems on the handlebars
  • Can alter the maximum speed assistance, levels of assistance, dynamism of the assistance given and torque levels
  • It’s only the start – things are on the up – a small step back to make a very large step forward. All part of Bosch's 3-4 year road map

What's not so smart about the Smart System?

  • Only 4A charger currently, meaning not the fastest charging speeds. (Just over 2 hours to 50% and 6 hours to 100%, compared to charging the PowerPack 625 with a 6A Fast Charger to 100% in just over 3 and a half hours)
  • Not compatible with Rohloff gear and High Speed (HS) bikes
Available on the Multicharger and Multicharger Mixte (Winner of the coveted Design & Innovation Award in 2022)

As quoted by The Design and Innovation award team; 

"The Riese & Müller Multicharger Mixte GT Vario 750 is the poster child of heavy-duty midtail ebikes. It convinced us back in 2019 and the new and refined Multicharger managed to floor our jury once more with its intuitive, stable handling and revised cargo concept."


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