A roadster is no longer confined to leisurely cycling around town. After all, the Swing and its latest generation of powerful Bosch motor and indestructible belt drive means that you can now cycle comfortably and ultra-dynamically.

A bike originally designed for short trips around flat towns is now out on long journeys up hill and down dale. The smooth riding experience of the powerful Bosch Performance Cruise motor is perfected by the sensitive suspension fork and suspension seatpost. And as you would expect with a traditional roadster, it also has matching baskets for the handlebar and carrier.



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£3,279.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00483_01, F00483_02, F00483_03
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£3,649.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00484_03, F00484_01, F00484_02
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£3,559.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00485_02, F00485_03, F00485_01
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£3,858.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00485_IN-STOCK
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£3,739.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00486_01, F00486_02, F00486_03
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£4,019.00 inc VAT

Part Nos. F00487_02, F00487_03, F00487_01

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