Riese & Muller Homage GT Vario


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Sizes - What Size?


Intuvia Display The Bosch Intuvia Display (As Standard)
+ £0.00
Kiox Cockpit The Bosch Kiox display
+ £140.00
SmartphoneHub Cockpit The Bosch SmartphoneHub and free app
+ £140.00
Nyon Cockpit The Bosch Nyon Display Upgrade
+ £280.00


625 Wh Battery 625 Wh Battery (As Standard)
+ £0.00
1250 Wh Dual Battery Option Bosch 1250 Wh Dual Battery Upgrade
PLEASE NOTE : Dual battery option is only available with deepsea blue metallic frame colour
+ £1,119.00


No Front Carrier
+ £0.00
Front Carrier Carry 5 kg of luggage on the front frame mounted luggage carrier.
PLEASE NOTE : Not Compatible with ABS option.
+ £94.00
Front Carrier With Bag Carry 5 kg of luggage on the front frame mounted luggage carrier.
PLEASE NOTE : Not Compatible with ABS option.
+ £159.00


Without ABS No ABS Upgrade (as standard)
+ £0.00
Bosch ABS System The Bosch Anti-Lock Braking System
PLEASE NOTE : Not Compatible with Front Carrier options.
+ £466.00


No Optional Equipment
+ £0.00
Comfort Kit Change to classically curved handlebars, longer stem and a wider saddle (No Extra Cost)
+ £0.00
GX OPTION If you like riding off-road then the GX upgrade is for you.
+ £47.00


No Lowerable Sadle Standard Seat Post
+ £0.00
Dropper Post Makes getting on and off your bike easier.
+ £94.00


Armour Tire Inserts Add Puncture and Rim Protection to both tyres
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.
+ £140.00
GPS Tracker for E-Bikes BikeTrax: Anti-Theft Protection for E-Bikes.
Price includes installation by e-Bike Barn.
+ £199.99

Product detail

The Homage GT Vario [2022]

The Homage. The city is at your feet.

From its striking lines to its carrier and fully integrated battery and motor – the unique design of the Homage cannot fail to impress at first sight. Riese & Müller Control Technology with full suspension ensures exceptional riding comfort with top-of-the-line safety. The low step-through allows easy handling in city traffic – and if you want to head out further away or higher up, the DualBattery option with 1,250 Wh boasts a range of up to 160 kilometres and more.



High Quality Integrated Lights

Image Coming Soon

Supernova Logo

Supernova M99

The world’s first road legal high beam for bicycles and E-Bike

With the most recent changes to road traffic legislation, the high beam has become one of the most important innovations in the bicycle lighting sector. A high beam offers tremendous radiance and increases a cyclist’s safety substantially. Supernova's legally-approved bicycle lights provide excellent illumination, especially for tricky terrain where cyclists have to negotiate hanging branches, signs, junctions, and poorly visible pedestrians. No matter how steep or winding the trail, supernova's high beam lights illuminate the pathway. The Supernova high beam has an extremely wide beam angle. This allows an excellent awareness of the surroundings, with the additional advantages described below.

  • Low beam 700 lm, 250 lx

  • High beam 1,300 lm, 270 lx

Image Coming Soon

Supernova Logo

Supernova M99 TAIL LIGHT-25

First brake light for bicycles

As being the first road legal brake light for bicycles in Germany, the M99 Tail Light-25 takes safety for cyclists to a whole new level! With 85 cd, the tail light is six times brighter than the brightest road legal tail light on the market. Visible from over 900 m even during daytime!

  • Power levels 12 V version 0.4 W / 2.1 W (brake light)

  • Candela 10 cd – 85 cd

  • Signalling LEDs 5 mm custom made high power LEDs

  • Power levels 12 V version 0.4 W / 2.1 W (brake light)

Magura hydraulic disc brakes

Image Coming Soon

Magura Logo

MT4 disc brake front and rear.

  • Compact light design

  • Torsion-resistant

  • Uses standard brake pads

MT4 – The powerful all-rounder for street and trail

The MT4 is simply an all-round brake par excellence, offering outstanding stability and modulation, both on the road and on the trail.

Thanks to its Carbotecture® brake master, the MT4 has a low total weight of less than 230 grams.

Enviolo 380 Gearbox

Enviolo 380

Enviolo Logo

Instead of lots of complex cogs and components, The Packster vario features the Enviolo 380 R&M Custom that uses rotating and incline-adjustable balls that are positioned between two discs. This makes it easy to shift while stationary. With the Enviolo 380 R&M Custom gear hub, you always ride with the perfect gear ratio without any gaps between shifts, because through an infinite number of gears within a gear ratio range of 380 %, shifting is a very smooth process. Its simple operation with the rotating handle on the handlebars means that the perfect gear can be selected intuitively. Thanks to the lack of gear jumps, the riding comfort is markedly increased compared to conventional gear changes.

Bosch Intuvia Display

Purion Display

Bosch Logo

The Intuvia Display gives you full control and a perfect overview at all times. It provides information about battery status, range, daily mileage, total mileage, ride time, current motor power, time, speed and average speed – clearly legible in any level of sunlight. On our automatic E-Bike models, the automatic version of the display also offers an option for controlling the pedal frequency. It is operated via a remote control conveniently mounted on the handlebar grip.


The Bosch Performance Line CX motor (Gen4)

Performance Line CX motor

Bosch Logo

A new era for eMountain bikers

The Performance Line CX offers a unique eMTB experience: Compact, lightweight and with more power, it combines high-quality materials, an extremely powerful drive and high-end sensors. This brings eMountain biking on the trail to a whole new level. From model year 2021 with a torque of up to 85 Nm, features in the motor control and a further development of eMTB mode - all as a software update. For a thrilling riding experience: more natural, intuitive and powerful and an absolute benchmark in its class.

Award Winning!

eMTB User Award 2021 - Gold

Around 7,000 eMTB-News.de readers have cast their votes in recent weeks. The Gold eMTB News User Award 2021 goes to the Performance Line CX from Bosch eBike Systems in the eBike motor category.


The Performance Line CX wins the "Best Motor" category in EBIKE Magazine's comparative test and is honoured with the EBIKE AWARD.

reddot Award

Thanks to its sporty look and dynamic linear design, the Performance Line CX has received a 2019 Red Dot Design Award

Control Technology with ABS and daytime running light

Image Coming Soon

Safe on the road.

Riese & Müller Control Technology is synonymous with safety and dynamism: the perfectly coordinated full suspension of the rear swing arm ensures optimum traction even with poor road conditions and at high speeds. The daytime running light of the ultra-bright Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp with main-beam function offers top lighting conditions at night and also increases your visibility in road traffic. And if you need to stop quickly, the Magura disc brakes with optional ABS system pack quite a punch.

Battery integration with DualBattery

Double Child Seat

Power from within.

No matter whether you opt for the standard equipment with one battery (625 Wh) or the DualBattery option (1,250 Wh) for maximum range and fewer charging breaks: the complete battery integration with optimum operability sets new standards. Thanks to the batteries’ sophisticated positioning, they hardly affect the balance: the bike’s sporty riding behaviour takes centre stage, while you can easily remove the two batteries at any time.

Integrated design concept

Image Coming Soon

As though cast in one piece.

The frame design of the Homage cannot fail to impress at first sight – and every other time afterwards. In addition to full battery integration, the head and down tube form a single unit. You will search for the welding seams in vain – we give each frame the right finishing touch. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor with 85 Nm and the compact carrier with MIK system are also seamlessly incorporated in the frame design, making onlookers assume: the Homage must be cast in one piece. And the minimalist cockpit is fully integrated, so you can enjoy a sophisticatedly clean view at all times.

Comfortable riding experience

Image Coming Soon

Town, country, enjoyment.

Comfort and dynamism take centre stage with the Homage: whether while riding, charging the batteries or locking it up in the city, the full-suspension low-step-through bike offers maximum comfort at all times. The ergonomically positioned charging socket and the specially developed closing cap ensure convenient charging directly on the bike. The lock is also ergonomically attached to the carrier, ensuring quick locking and unlocking. And if you perhaps want a little more, you might opt for the comfort kit with curved handlebars and wide saddle or a saddle that can be lowered by remote control.

Abus Bordo 6000 folding lock

Image Coming Soon

Abus Logo

For lasting enjoyment.

The standard Abus Bordo 6000 folding lock offers you a high degree of anti-theft protection with convenient handling: it has the stability of a U-lock, at the same time being flexible like a cable lock.

DualBattery 1250

Image Coming Soon

Dual Battery

Twice the power

DualBattery Technology perfected by Riese & Müller ensures twice the range or far higher climbs, fewer charging breaks and longer-lasting riding pleasure. With the 1,250 Wh now available, completely new destinations can be reached and you no longer have to worry about the range in your daily routine.

Kiox Cockpit

Double Child Seat

Kiox Cockpit

The small display that's got it all

The Kiox display is perfectly integrated into the cockpit: the internal cabling creates a tidy, minimalist appearance. The adjustable angle of the stem lets you choose from a sportier or more upright seating position. The Kiox display includes different training modes and is perfect to use with tactile pressure points on the control unit. Heart rate monitors can be linked by Bluetooth. The scratch-resistant Gorilla glass makes the small Kiox exceptionally robust. Map-free navigation (only in conjunction with a smartphone) completes the features of the Kiox.

SmartphoneHub Cockpit

Image Coming Soon

Smartphone hub

Intelligence on your handlebar

The Bosch SmartphoneHub and free app turns your smartphone into an E-Bike display which combines smart navigation with live weather, fitness data and much more. Your smartphone’s standard functions are perfectly integrated and can be operated from the handlebar. The Bosch SmartphoneHub is just as perfectly integrated into the tidy minimalist cockpit with internal cabling and adjustable stem angle. And if you leave your smartphone at home, the permanently fixed display also shows the key riding data. Please note: This option is not compatible with rohloff and HS models.

Nyon Cockpit

Image Coming Soon

Dual Battery

The Nyon display is perfectly integrated into the cockpit: the internal cabling creates a tidy, minimalist appearance. The adjustable angle of the stem lets you choose between a sportier or more upright seating position. The Nyon display ensures that you are fully connected and ideally equipped with navigation for every tour or day-to-day ride. The colour display, with its intuitive touch function, is very simple to use and, thanks to being robust and easy-to-read, is guaranteed to get you to your destination in any weather. The user interface can be customised to your needs.

Bosch eBike ABS

Bosch ABS

Bosch Logo

With Riese & Müller Control Technology you are sporty, safe and comfortable on the road. In addition, the ABS option ensures optimum control even in the event of sudden braking. It prevents tires from slipping, the rear wheel lifting and the whole bike skidding out to the side. The proven technology from the world of cars and motorcycles is now also available for your E-Bike. Please note: This option is not compatible with rohloff models.


Comfort kit

Comfort Kit

The perfect option for anyone wanting to ride in greater comfort: the classically curved handlebars and wider saddle enable you to sit comfortably in an upright position. Please note: This option is not compatible with GX option.

GX option

GX Option

If you like riding your E-Bike off-road, then simply equip it with first-class Schwalbe Rock Razor All-Terrain tires. Their flat tire studs in the middle of the running surface have extremely low rolling resistance for faster riding on straight sections. The solid tire studs on the shoulders of the tire guarantee exceptional grip, particularly when cornering. The wide flat pedals provide grip for your feet. Please note: This option is not compatible with the comfort kit.

Front carrier

Image Coming Soon

Being sporty when out and about – and yet still having everything you need with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front luggage carrier, fixed to the frame and hence co-sprung, perfectly protected from knocks and bumps. Bungee cords secure a sleeping bag, small sports bag or provisions in place in no time at all. And you’ll come to appreciate your front luggage carrier just as quickly.

Front carrier with bag

Image Coming Soon

Keep on the move and still have everything with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front luggage carrier, which is fixed to the frame and hence benefits from the bike’s full suspension, perfectly protecting your cargo from knocks and bumps. The bag offers space for a volume of up to 18 litres. Thanks to the zipper and roll closure, your transported goods are perfectly protected from dirt and rain. The bag can be removed quickly and easily and becomes a shoulder bag using the strap supplied. You can safely store smaller items in the two outer pockets equipped with waterproof zippers.

Lowerable saddle

Image Coming Soon

The lowered saddle means you can stop comfortably at any time without getting off. The saddle is lowered by remote control and your feet reach the ground. Also known as a droper post.

Frame colour
  • deepsea blue metallic*
  • pearl white*
Suspension fork
  • Marzocchi Bomber Z2, Air, tapered, 100mm
  • Suntour Aion, Air, tapered, 100mm*
Rear shock
  • Suntour RS-19 190x40
  • Acros IntegrationX, block lock
  • Satori Trident;
  • Dropper Post X-Fusion Manic 70*
  • Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex (as standard)
  • Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584 (with GX option)
  • Schwalbe AV21
  • Rodi Tryp35, 27,5"
Front hub
  • Novatec Boost, QR, 32H
  • Novatec Disc 32H*
Rear hub
  • Enviolo 380, 36H
  • Bosch PowerTube 625 Horizontal, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/625Wh;
  • Bosch PowerTube 625 Horizontal, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/625Wh ( 2x )*
  • Performance Line CX (Gen4)
  • Bosch Intuvia
  • Bosch SmartphoneHub*
  • Bosch Nyon*
  • Bosch Kiox*
  • FSA/Riese & Muller, 170 mm
Chain ring
  • 55T, for Gates drive belt CDX
Chain guard
  • Riemenschutzring
  • Gates drive belt CDX
  • 24T, for Gates drive belt CDX
  • Selle Royal New Lookin Evo R&M
  • Selle Royal New Lookin Female Evo R&M*
  • VP R&M Custom
  • Enviolo grip shift, continuous
  • Humpert ergotec Ergo XXL, 31,8 mm
  • Humpert ergotec Trekking, 31,8 mm, Alu*
  • Satori R&M Custom Komfort, 25,4 mm, Alu*
  • Satori R&M Custom, 25,4mm, Alu*
  • Humpert ergotec Barracuda Evo, 90 mm, 20° *
  • Humpert ergotec Barracuda Evo, 90 mm, 45°*
  • Ergon ergonomic
  • Magura MT4, disc brake
  • Magura MT5, disc brake
  • Magura CMe ABS, disc brake*
  • ABS Bosch/Magura (only available in Europe)*
Front light
  • Supernova M99
Tail light
  • Supernova M99, integrated brake light
  • SKS A69R
Luggage rack
  • integrated, MIK*; Riese & Müller
  • Bibia
  • Billy
  • Pletscher Comp 40 Flex
  • Abus Bordo 6000/90cm black
  • Beto air suspension fork pump
RX Hardware
  • RX Chip (für RX Services)*
Frame height [cm]
  • 49 cm*; 54 cm*; 58 cm*

The specification table indicates all available components for this model - not just the basic equipment. Some of the options listed are only available for a surcharge. For more information, see the Configurator. Riese & Muller reserves the right to make technical modifications as well as changes to the shape, colour and/or weight within reasonable limits.
* May differ depending on the design or configuration of the model

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The design of the Homage is particularly clear-cut, with its striking lines and the integrated battery. Equipped with Riese & Müller's Control Technology – with ABS as an option on many models – the Homage wins you over with outstanding riding comfort and maximum safety in any situation. And for those who want to go far away or high up, the DualBattery option offers completely new goals and undreamt-of possibilities.

Riese & Müller bikes are synonymous with good and carefully thought-out design. They combine aesthetics and function in a manner that inspires with an evident passion for innovative bikes with their trademark Riese & Müller perfectionist approach, which dominates their work. The products that result are E-Bikes bikes of the highest quality, perfected down to the finest detail, featuring state-of-the-art technology and pioneering design manufactured in their facilities in Germany.

Every model represents a complete solution for a specific purpose. It is only through this that a Riese & Müller e-bike delivers the best riding characteristics for the greatest riding pleasure.

Modern urban society is still evolving. In terms of urban mobility, E-Bikes are becoming increasingly important and have long since shaken off the idea that they were only for pensioners.

Riese & Müller is setting new areas of focus and investing even more in innovative E-Bikes and E-Bike technologies, such as E-Cargo Bikes and compact E-Bikes.

Made to order item.

All Riese & Müller eBikes and eCargo bikes are made to order. Please contact us direct if you wish to obtain an accurate lead time for delivery.

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