Here at e-Bike Barn we are able to offer a great selection of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes to help you and your business, whether that be for logistics, deliveries, hiring, etc. The list goes on and is always expanding.

What is an e-Bike Barn Partner?

A partnership where your companies needs are at the forefront. We listen to your business needs and help to fulfil them by offering a wide range of services.

By becoming an e-Bike Barn Partner you're doing your part in improving CO2 emissions, whilst also reducing costs using the future of transport.

Our incredible selection of Riese & Muller e-bikes alongside our unrivalled after-care mean becoming an e-Bike Barn partner will support you in your ride to a new mobility.

Steps To Become an e-Bike Barn Partner


Book in a consultation

Talk to us about your business so we can help you find the correct e-bikes for your business.


Face to Face Meeting

Once we have selected the e-bikes we think will fit your business we showcase these to you at our showroom, or in your workplace with you having the option to test-ride them.


Finalise Details

If you decide you would like to go ahead, we can arrange for a trial or you can go ahead and purchase the e-bikes. When considering an e-bike and/or e-cargo for your business we are able to advise you of any grant fund schemes or special incentives and offer which may be available to you.

How can e-bikes benefit you and your business?

  • Whatever industry you work in, e-bikes can offer an alternative that is more efficient, less costly, better for the planet and better for your riders physical and mental health.

  • Compared to traditional transport such as cars, vans and lorries, e-bikes can get to the right place quicker with less stress.

  • As the world goes electric, infrastructure is only improving to further benefit electric power making them an even more desirable change for the future.

Popular e-bikes for businesses

Riese & Muller Multicharger

Riese & Muller | Multicharger

Multi-use Cargo / Passenger e-bike

Riese & MUller Nevo GT

Riese & Muller | Nevo GT

Ideal Hire / Pool e-bike

Riese & Muller Load75

Riese & Muller | Load75

Huge 100kg Load Capacity

If you would like to speak to our Corporate Services team please call 01491 628711 or email

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